Community Antenna & Satellite
Important information on the
New Community Antenna & Satellite

August 5, 2001

The Murieta Owners Association will be installing a new Central Community Antenna & Satellite on each building.  After over two years of research from vendors, homeowners, residents, present and former board members, and a homeowner fronting the funds for a six month test, the association board voted on this new system.

Free Antenna Hook Up: The Antenna is free to all Residents including those who do not want to pay for cable television. The Association is obligated to offer free antenna hookup for television reception.  The channels to be offered will be most San Francisco and South Bay Stations.

Central Satellite Dish: The Association will be also installing a central Satellite dish on each building for interested Residents who want to hook up to the Central Satellite Dish.  All interested Residents who want Direct TV will need to go to a local license vendor or retail establishment at their expense. This Central Satellite Dish will help residents who want satellite TV and who in the past, lived on the wrong side of building.

Any interested homeowner who wants to view the complete proposal from the vendor can view it at the association office during normal business hours.

Question & Answers:

Q. If I have AT&T Broadband (TCI) will I be affected?

A. No, you will not be affected at all

Q. If I am plugged into the old system (Community Antenna, Skyview, and Russian Media) will I be affected?

A. Yes, the old system will be eliminated and you will be unplugged from it, but will be connected to the new system. The old Murieta Cable Assets will be sold in the near future and the present vendor will be removing their equipment.  The old satellites and antennas on building #5 will be removed to complete the re-roofing of that building. Also the old system needs a 240 volt air conditioner 24/7 and is an extra expense to the Association. The new equipment does not need Air Conditioning.

Q. Will I lose my service at any time?

A. Yes, you may be without TV for one day while the installation is being installed. The installation date is between August 8th & 11th for buildings #2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  Building #1 will be completed in mid or end of August. A notice will be sent out with the exact date.

Q. If I have AT&T Broadband and want to be plugged into the Community Antenna, what do I do?

A. First contact AT&T Broadband and they will disconnect you from their system. Then contact the Association office @ 510/683-8794 and they will hook you up during normal business hours. The plan will be to have a maximum of 24-hour turn around. 

Q. If after installation I am still having problems with the new system, do I contact the vendor who is installing the new system.

A. No, contact the association office immediately and the vendor will make the appropriate repair. The vendor does expect to have some bugs from the new system, for the first couple of weeks

Q. If my satellite vendor or AT&T Broadband needs to get into the connection room what do we do?

A. Contact the association office during normal business hours and the staff will give the key to the vendor. THE STAFF WILL NEED A COPY OF A WORK ORDER AND A VALID CALIFORNIA DRIVERS LICENSE FROM THE VENDOR TO SIGN OUT A KEY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q. Who is paying for this new system?

A. The association has been collecting an extra $3.00 a month assessment from each homeowner for the past 10 years. The association still plans to collect this same amount for future upgrades and maintenance of this new system.

Q. What services can I get from the new system?

A 1. You will be able to receive all local OFF-AIR channels at no charge.

    2. You will be able to connect to Direct-TV SATELLITE TV service by contact them directly or through a retail store such as Good Guys, Fry's Electronics, etc. and contracting with DIRECT TV for the service.  You will SAVE installation charges by being able to hook up to the Community Dish on the roof of your building rather than pay for a special private dish on the roof.  This should save the average Satellite TV user at least $100 to $200+ which is what special installations would cost.  It is our understanding that this system will make installation so easy there should be little or no

Installation charge. It also keeps Satellite vendors off the roof.

Q. Do I have to take Direct -TV Satellite Service?

A. NO -- This is an optional extra that can be chosen or not by each individual resident.

Q. Are there any other Satellite TV services available besides Direct-TV?

A. Not at the present time, however, the Board is looking into other Satellite TV services and will be releasing more information as it becomes available.

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